Virtual Economists featured by ArcticStartup March 06 2012

 Greg Anderson over at ArcticStartup writes about Virtual Economists' new reports and data sets:

This accessible data makes sense for smaller and independent developers. Competition in the social and mobile games markets is intensifying like crazy, and data and analytics help shine light on the little differences that can have big effects in virtual economies. Currently big publishers have an inherent competitive advantage as they can leverage their learnings and research budget across their portfolio. Virtual Economists' reports and data products level the playing field by providing access to important data and analysis on monetization tactics, for only a couple hundred dollars.
[...] Instead of shooting in the dark, it looks like these guys, their reports, and their datasets have a good idea of how you should price your virtual hat. It could mean a lot of money in the long run, and I'm impressed to find this level of specialized talent in the Nordics.

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