Massive price cut for proprietary virtual goods and currencies data May 06 2012

I'm happy to report that we've now sold enough copies of the Social Games Virtual Goods & Currencies Pricing Report and Data 1/2012 to cover their production costs. To celebrate this, we've downright slashed the prices! You can now get the report for $149, and the bundle containing both the report and the data for as little as $199!

Wondering how to maximize your virtual goods revenues? Save yourself the homework and learn the numbers using our painstakingly collected data set of over 3,000 virtual items and over 100 virtual currency packages, giving you an unprecedented view to the monetization strategies of some of the most successful games on the planet. It's no secret that top publishers are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and experimentation to determine best-selling prices and virtual goods assortments. Our reports and data offer a very cost-effective shortcut to some of the most important insights in the field.

Photo: (CC) BY 2.0 _sarchi