New report on mobile virtual goods and currencies analyses over 2,000 items July 18 2012

Mobile Games Virtual Goods & Currencies Pricing ReportI'm happy to announce that we've just published our new analysis report focusing on virtual goods and currencies in mobile games. Mobile and tablet games are a rapidly growing category where most revenues now come from in-app purchases. Our analysis is the first in-depth look at how successful publishers are designing and pricing their in-app offerings.

The Mobile Games Virtual Goods & Currencies Pricing Report 1/2012 is based on Virtual Economists' unique manually collected data set covering over 2,000 virtual goods and 200 virtual currency packages in top-grossing mobile titles. The analysis covers such topics as price distribution, pricing for whales, consumables, durables, vanity goods, functional goods and virtual currency quantity discounts. The entire data set is also available for purchase without restrictions. A highly economical bundle containing both the data and the report is also available.

In-app purchase pricing is the factor that most directly influences revenues from a mobile game. Leading publishers invest heavily into optimizing their in-app offerings. Our reports and data are intended to allow any developer to quickly benchmark their lineups against industry leaders, with zero homework required.

The new report is a sister product to our successful Social Games Virtual Goods & Currencies Pricing Report that was well received in the industry.

Virtual Economists Ltd is a virtual economy consulting company founded in 2008 by Dr Vili Lehdonvirta and Eino Joas. Our clients are game developers, publishers, online communities and virtual currency operators around the world. Drop us a line at or follow Virtual Economists on Twitter for news and product announcements.