Designing Virtual Markets for Fun and Profit: Vili Lehdonvirta's GDC lecture online April 01 2013

Here are the slides of my Game Developers Conference 2013 talk Designing Virtual Markets for Fun and Profit. To hear the audio of the talk, view the presentation on Slideshare. Thanks to the hundreds of people who showed up and asked smart questions (and special thanks to you all for granting me and Ted Castronova our little special request at the end;).

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Designing Virtual Markets for Fun and Profit

Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, 27 March 2013

Today's games are full of different kinds of markets for buying and selling virtual goods and currencies, such as item shops, auction houses, NPC vendors, and real-money marketplaces. Some markets are player-to-player, some are publisher-to-player, and some involve even more parties. Some markets are fun to use, some are quick and efficient, and some generate social interaction. Based on economic theory, consulting experience, and real examples, this lecture shows you how to approach this complex space in a structured manner in order to design great markets that support your gameplay or monetization goals. 

About the speaker: Dr Vili Lehdonvirta is one of the world's leading scholars dealing with virtual goods and currencies. He is a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics, an adjunct professor at the University of Turku, and the principal author of the World Bank report on virtual economies. He has advised leading interactive entertainment companies including Rovio (Angry Birds), Sulake (Habbo), CCP Games (EVE Online), Digital Chocolate, Gameforge, and Live Gamer. He has lectured at the Game Developers Conference, Game Developers Conference China, Online and Social Games Summit, Virtual Goods Summit, and numerous other industry events. Before his academic career, Lehdonvirta worked as a game developer, creating some of the web's first real-time multiplayer games with a micropayment revenue model. His book on virtual economy design (with Edward Castronova) will be published by MIT Press.