About Us

Vili LehdonvirtaDr Vili Lehdonvirta (Partner) is one of the world's leading scholars in virtual goods, currencies, and economies. His book, Virtual Economies: Design and Analysis is published by MIT Press. He is a Research Fellow at Oxford Internet Institute, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Turku, and the principal author of the World Bank report on virtual economies. He has advised leading interactive entertainment companies including Rovio (Angry Birds), Sulake (Habbo), CCP Games (EVE Online), Digital Chocolate, Gameforge and Live Gamer. He has lectured at Game Developers Conference, Game Developers Conference China, Online and Social Games Summit, Virtual Goods Summit and numerous other industry events. Before his academic career, Lehdonvirta worked as a game developer, creating some of the web's first real-time multiplayer games with a micropayment revenue model. Twitter Homepage

Eino JoasEino Joas (Partner) is an experienced virtual economy designer with a degree in economics. Since 2009, he has been working full-time in game development and is currently working as a game designer at Supercell. He was previously at CCP Games (EVE Online), where his responsibilities included designing the virtual economy, monetization model and analytics for CCP’s MMO-FPS DUST 514 – a groundbreaking concept that introduces a new virtual currency model to the Sony PlayStation network and brings console and PC gamers within the same virtual economy. Before his work in game development, Joas worked in virtual economy consulting projects. Together with Lehdonvirta, he designed the monetization strategy for Avatars United, a social networking startup that was acquired by Linden Lab (Second Life) in 2010. Twitter



Heikki Joas

Heikki Joas (Consultant) is a seasoned virtual economy researcher with two years of experience under his belt. He started with Virtual Economists in 2012 and has since worked in research and marketing duties in several projects for game industry clients. He holds a Master's degree in Social Sciences from the University of Eastern Finland and currently works as a game designer for Madfinger Games.

Emmi HögmanEmmi Högman (Marketing Planner) holds a Master's degree in marketing from Aalto School of Economics with her thesis focusing on shedding light on the motivations of participating in crowdfunding of games. Emmi has experience of multidisciplinary product and service design projects, from marketing and design angles.

Virtual Economists Ltd is a virtual economy consulting company founded in 2008 by Vili Lehdonvirta and Eino Joas. The company is registered in Helsinki, Finland. Our clients are game developers, publishers, online communities and virtual currency operators around the world. We launched this website in 2012 to distribute our analyses and data sets in an easily accessible digital form. Drop us a line at contact@virtualeconomists.com or follow Virtual Economists on Twitter for news and product announcements.