Virtual Economists Report Bundle: All Reports


Irrespective of platform, free-to-play (F2P) games are dominating today's gaming world. The key to success in this category is balancing gameplay with monetization through careful design of virtual goods, currencies and value-added services, as well as careful pricing of virtual goods. You can now get unprecedented insight into monetization tactics and pricing of virtual goods and currencies with the Virtual Economists Report Bundle, which gathers pricing insights and best practices together from three different contexts: mobile, social and PC.

Get the Virtual Economists Report Bundle and save 33% compared to purchasing individual reports separately.

The bundle includes 1) three PDF analysis reports that feature immediate insights and 2) three full Excel data sets that provide additional graphs and tables and facilitates your own analyses (e.g. full info on a particular game). Experienced developers will appreciate the ability to benchmark their offerings against competing titles with zero homework required. New developers will benefit greatly from seeing how others design and price their virtual goods and currency lineups.
View the detailed contents of each included report below.

Included reports:

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