PC F2P Games: Virtual Goods Pricing Report 2013


Free-to-play (F2P) games are dominating today's gaming world. The key to success in this category is balancing gameplay with monetization through careful design of virtual goods, currencies and value-added services. Our PC F2P Games: Virtual Goods Pricing Report 2013 is the most comprehensive information package yet on successful monetization design in free-to-play PC games. Based on a manually collected data set of over 5,500 virtual items and 66 virtual currency packages, it offers an unprecedented view to the monetization tactics of leading titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield Heroes, Lord of the Rings Online, World of Tanks and Hawken.
The product consists of 1) our 20-page PDF analysis report that features immediate insights and 2) the full Excel data set that provides additional graphs and tables and facilitates your own analyses (e.g. full info on a particular game). Experienced developers will appreciate the ability to benchmark their offerings against competing titles with zero homework required. New developers will benefit greatly from seeing how others design and price their virtual goods and currency lineups.
Top publishers are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and experimentation to determine best-selling prices, virtual goods assortments and monetization tactics. Our reports and data offer a very cost-effective shortcut to some of the most important insights in the area. Includes data collected from games published by Valve, Riot Games, EA, Sony, Turbine, Wargaming.net and others.



The report is delivered as fully unlocked PDF file. Topics covered include the following:


  • Analysis of virtual goods and currencies lineups in top F2P PC games
  • Number of SKUs
  • Pricing in-game offerings: price distribution, price points, average and median prices
  • Pricing for conversion: introductory goods, popcorn goods, mystery box/gatcha pricing
  • Pricing for whales: total catalog worth, whale harpoons
  • Vanity goods and functional goods: assortment design, pricing
  • Durable goods and consumable goods: usage-based consumables, time-based consumables, planned obsolescence
  • Packaging virtual goods
  • Pricing and bundling virtual currencies: quantity discounts as a function of bundle size, price points
  • Research methodology

The data set is delivered as a fully unlocked Excel file. Data includes:


  • Over 5,500 rows of data on virtual goods and value-added services like membership tiers
  • 15 columns of data for each good, including title, item name, item type, in-game price, USD price, vanity/functional, durability, number of uses
  • 66 virtual currency packages, with data on package size (amount of currency contained), price and relative discount
  • Background details on sample game titles
  • Over 20 ready-made pivot tables, tables and graphs on assortment analysis, sticker price analysis, unit price analysis, currency analysis and item attribute analysis

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